Inpatient & Outpatient: Two Types of Rehab

Most rehab facilities in St. Louis, MO and anywhere else in the U.S. offer inpatient and outpatient services. If you, your friend, or your relative is set on getting clean at last, it’s important for you to learn the difference between these two types of rehab programs. Take note, however, that neither of these programs is better than the other.

Inpatient rehabilitation programs are more straightforward and formal. They’re quite similar to checking into a hospital, as the patient is required to leave his or her loved ones behind and stay at the rehab facility for a set time, most likely weeks or months. This ensures that the patient is free from distractions, and is as far away from the substance he or she is addicted to, thus reducing the risk of relapse. These restrictions make inpatient rehab more stringent and intensive than outpatient rehab.

On the other hand, those under outpatient rehabilitation programs are free to stay at home and live as normally as possible. However, they are still required to regularly check in with attending addiction specialists. The amount of freedom given by outpatient programs ensures that a patient can spend time with friends and loved ones through the rehabilitation process, thus ensuring a relatively stable social and personal life.